The Kambly Experience


The Kambly Train

Train exterior:

Train interior:

Composition: 1 engine, 6 carriages Seats 1st class: 63
2. Kl. = 280
Length: 166,6m  
Weight: 260t Bicycle space: for 8 bicycles
Max. speed: 140 km/h Tables: with Kambly stories
Foil coating: 900m2
1120 hrs printing time
5500 hrs coating time
Rail boards: with Kambly posters
  Flyer rack: with Kambly flyers

Kambly engine:


Model: Re 465, universal engine    
Year of construction: 1994-1997    
Weight: 84t    
Length: 18.5 m    
Output: 6400 kW / 9520 PS    
Max. speed: 230 km/h    

At present, the 18 Re 465 engines delivered to BLS by SLM and ABB from 1994 onwards are the strongest four-axle universal engines produced in a series worldwide.

They are equipped with three-phase current propulsion technology and are outwardly identical with the SBB’s Intercity express train engines of the Re 460 series. The BLS engines are approved for 230 km/h and, in contrast to their SBB counterparts, are equipped with an individual axle drive, which supplies an output of 7000kW on the rails. The multiple-unit control is very versatile and allows for double heading with other BLS engines.

At present, the BLS Re 465 is used for the RE Regional express trains from Berne to Lucerne and from Berne to Neuchâtel. These engines also pull the heavy freight trains from Basel-Lörrach through the Lötschberg Tunnel and the Simplon to Domodossola.

Transfer with Kambly train, from Tuesday to Sunday: departs Bern at 9.36 a.m. and 13.36 p.m., departs Lucerne at 07.57 a.m., 11.57 a.m. and 15.57 p.m.

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Kambly Erlebnis

A unique taste experience in Emmental

In celebration of 100 years of Kambly, the very first Kambly bakery from 1910 has been recreated in Trubschachen. An audiovisual exhibition takes you on an eventful journey through the history of Kambly including, of course, a peek into the future.

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The Kambly Experience Tour

Kambly Erlebnis Tour

Taking an e-bike to Kambly’s raw material suppliers

The Kambly Experience Tour starts at Langnau, takes you 30 km through the idyllic rolling countryside of the Emmental and affords breathtaking views.

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Kambly Rountrip

Kambly Rountrip

Enjoy moments of delight in the heart of Switzerland!

Be invited to a unique journey and discover Switzerland at its best!

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