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Since the beginning of tourism Kandersteg bids a hearty welcome to all travelers from around the world. The village at the Loetschberg-Tunnel has retained its sense of tradition and hospitality.

Times gone by travelers stopped over at Kandersteg before they proceeded on their journey over the Loetschen- or Gemmi-Pass to the Valais or to Italy. Later the village became a holiday-resort for adventurous Englishmen and guests from all over the world.

How to get there by public transport

Public transport in Switzerland gives hourly connections from every place in Switzerland as well as the airports to Kandersteg. From Spiez, Bern or Brig to Kandersteg the modern trains, called Loetschberger, provide a comfortable and save journey. Enjoy the ride on the nearly 100 year old mountain railway with its tunnels and bridges.

From Bern

Hourly straight trains to Kandersteg.
Journey-time: 1 hour

From Zürich

Hourly connections; change at Bern
Journey-time: 2 hours

From Basel

Hourly connections; change at Bern
Journey-time: 2 hours

valid from 15.12.2013 to 13.12.2014

Direct trains to Kandersteg
Bern dp 07.39 hourly until 19.39
Kandersteg ar 08.41 hourly until 20.41
Brig dp 06.36 hourly until 20.36
Kandersteg ar 07.12 hourly until 21.12
Direct trains from Kandersteg
Kandersteg dp 07.13 hourly until 18.13
Bern ar 08.20 hourly until 19.20
Kandersteg dp 06.42 hourly until 00.42
Brig ar 07.24 hourly until 01.20

Morning and evening, more connections with change.


Timetables are subject to alterations.

Travel Centre Kandersteg

Reisezentrum Kandersteg
CH-3718 Kandersteg
Telephone +41 (0)58 327 41 14, » E-mail

- Opening hours Travel Centre
   Daily 07.00–18.00 hours

- Lugguage without Fly: Daily 07.30–17.30 hours

- Fly / Check-In: Daily 07.30–17.00 hours

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