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Mobility from door to door

Mobility from door to door

With bus services that are optimally synchronised with rail timetables, BLS reliably ensures maximum mobility in the area around Burgdorf, in Sumiswald–Hasle-Rüegsau–Huttwil, as well as in the Langnau area. Thus safe and comfortable travel turns into child's play: simply get on, changes buses, get off – and you're there.

We wish you a pleasant and entertaining journey.


» Your timetable in Burgdorf Region

» Your timetable in Langnau Region

» Your timetable in Sumiswald–Hasle-Rüegsau–Huttwil Region


Our bus – your shopping trolley

Our bus: your shopping trolley

What you should do without, though, is looking for a parking space:

our buses from Burgdorf Railway Station run at 15-minute intervals and take you there and back in a mere 10 minutes.