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BLS is the strong, independent number two company in the Swiss railways sector. Operating Berne’s S-Bahn, it is responsible for the second-largest S-Bahn (urban railway) network in Switzerland. With its lines in the Entlebuch and
in the Langenthal direction, it also plays an important part in Lucerne’s S-Bahn system. In the Emmental BLS operates an extensive bus network, while in the Bernese Oberland it runs BLS navigation services the lakes of Thun and Brienz. And on the Lötschberg line, BLS operates the most efficient car transport service in Switzerland. In total, BLS provides access to an economic region in which 1.5 million inhabitants reside.

The subsidiary BLS Netz AG operates and maintains the 436 kilometre-long railway network of BLS and makes it available to other railway companies on a non-discriminatory basis. The centrepiece of this modern railway network is the Lötschberg axis, with its 34.6-kilometrelong Lötschberg Base Tunnel and 60 km-long mountain section which became operational a hundred years ago, being a pioneering feat of engineering at the time.

The subsidiary BLS Cargo AG plays a pivotal role in rail freight haulage in Alpine transit through Switzerland. Enjoying a 39 percent share of the market, the company is an important pillar in Switzerland’s railway operations and contributes significantly to shifting freight traffic from road to rail.

By pursuing its strategy, BLS is seeking to strengthen customer focus within the company, raise quality and improve cost efficiency.

More than 2,800 employees from over 20 nations work daily in the most diverse of professions to ensure that the BLS and its customers enjoy an improved travel experience.


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